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The most costly and prevalent disease threats in youngstock are scours and pneumonia.

Calf scours

An outbreak of infectious calf scour is often serious and invariably extremely costly for the cattle enterprise. The disease threat is ubiquitous and all calves are surrounded from birth by the pathogens that cause most infectious scours, so good hygiene is essential.

In the current economic climate, the modern dairy farmer and beef suckler producer simply can’t afford the youngstock losses and growth setbacks caused by this disease. It is vital every practical step is taken to give calves the best start in life and minimizing the potential impact of scour should be part of every youngstock rearing health plan.
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Pneumonia outbreaks occur amongst youngstock when environmental factors and infectious organisms interact to cause disease.
If pneumonia isn’t tackled early the damage it causes is significant. The disease damages youngstock lungs, and this damage is permanent. This means that lifetime performance will always be compromised – even in animals that apparently recover.
Fail to treat animals effectively and the costs keep escalating. Planning ahead is therefore crucial. If you have experienced a pneumonia problem in your youngstock work closely with your vet to stop it happening again.
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